Chetana Trust Chetana Library

Chetana’s Accessible Reading Materials Library houses adapted books and original stories that are hand-crafted to suit the needs of any child with a print disability. Our ARM Library provides infants, emerging readers and beginning readers with adapted story books that are delivered to the children.

An open book shelf filled with many tactile story books.
A set of handmade books
A clantboard to hold a book.

Did you know that you can equip your reading corner with simple low-tech aids to enhance the reading experience

Adjustable slant boards are easy to find in the market, or you can design one yourself from cardboard. Slant boards easily bring the book right up close to the reader, so there is no neck-ache from bending! It also reduces visual distractions in the environment, helping those who struggle with keeping attention.

An adjustable slantboard made from carboard to hold a book.
Book of the month

Chingoos's Ching Ching Cover Page



Story and pictures by Neha Ganesh Bharadwaj

Ching Ching! Ching Ching? What could be in Chingoo’s box?
Can you guess along with Chingoo, by listening to the sounds?

This story is suitable for early readers and encourages them to listen, remember, reason and use logic to guess intelligently when information is incomplete.

Head over to our online library to listen to the story!


Head over to our online library to listen to the story!

Chingoo's Ching Ching Can you remember what is in the box?
An image of the items in the box
Every month, members receive their books in a little bag. The adaptations and supporting materials for each book are matched to child ability. A journal for members to give us feedback, helps us learn more about their reading preferences.