Chetana Trust Chetana Library
An open book shelf filled with many tactile story books.


Chetana’s Accessible Reading Materials Library houses adapted books and original stories that are hand-crafted to suit the needs of any child with a print disability. Our ARM Library provides infants, emerging readers and beginning readers with adapted story books that are either delivered home or into the hands of the children.

Book of the Month

Five Little Ducks

Raffi Songs to Read

A simple story book can hold so much room for learning and exploring and this wonderful story is a great example. This story book is made accessible and is complete with large text, braille and tactile elements on each page.


Through this story children have the opportunity to learn about position, orientation, direction and more!

Which duck is walking closer together?
Which duck is above and below?


This story comes along with a duck counting chart. Tactile ducks are placed in rows and columns to help explore counting strategies.